About Mercantile Bank

of Building Resilience and Driving Sustainable Growth

In 1999, a visionary group embarked on a mission to contribute to the sustainable development of Bangladesh's economy. Thus, Mercantile Bank PLC. (MBPLC.) was born, a bank that has earned a credible brand reputation, and the trust and loyalty of its customers since its inception on June 2nd, 1999.


MBPLC.'s transformational strategy, dynamic leadership, and decisive management interventions have created a robust platform for capturing emerging opportunities. We deliver customer-centric services with evolving technology through a team of professionals, driving innovation in need-based banking products and services.


At MBPLC, we recognize that public confidence is vital to the growth of the banking industry in Bangladesh. Hence, we strive to promote good corporate governance, ensuring greater efficiency, accountability, and transparency in all business decisions. We align our attitudes, beliefs, and culture with the needs of our human resources, clients, stakeholders, and the overall financial system of Bangladesh. Our commitment to excellence and delivering superior customer experiences has positioned us as a leading banking institution in Bangladesh, further strengthening our position in the market.


Agent Banking
Islamic Banking
Off-shore Banking


Wide Range of Banking Services

MBPLC's robust policy guidelines and seamless execution, combined with its extensive range of banking products and exceptional customer service, have positioned it as a premier third-generation private commercial bank. The Bank's core activities encompass a broad spectrum of commercial banking services, including deposit mobilization, corporate banking, SME and retail businesses, bill discounting, foreign exchange business, offshore banking, treasury functions, card services, mobile banking (MyCash), internet banking, locker service, and Islamic banking, and agent banking. MBPLC offers a range of Visa dual prepaid cards, credit cards, debit cards, Visa medical cards, Visa international student cards, Visa dual Hajj cards, and international/dual cards with advanced features to cater to its customers' card service needs. Moreover, MBPLC has launched the centralized " MBPLC Contact Center 16225" to provide 24/7 doorstep banking services to its customers.


MBPLC’s Resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war were unprecedented challenges that impacted our operations. Despite this, we reformed our staff norms and culture to adapt to the "new normal" and emerge stronger. We implemented effective tactics, allowing us to serve customers with minimal disruptions. We remain committed to our values and are confident in our ability to navigate future challenges.

Sustainable Business Practices

Mercantile Bank PLC. (MBPLC.) has remained committed to establishing sustainable business practices that align with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our strong business strategy emphasizes asset growth and ensures that our operations are managed securely, reliably, and optimally. Despite the turbulent macroeconomic climate, we remain dedicated to maintaining a healthy balance sheet and investing in systems, processes, and governance mechanisms to improve performance and service quality. Our goal is to create a pool of value-driven, high-performing employees who embody MBPLC's vision and help us become a competitive market player.


MBPLC's contribution to the economy

during the year 2023


At a glance 2023

402,173.04 (BDT in Million)

Total Asset

284,830.98 (BDT in Million)

Total Loans and Advances

317,227.09 (BDT in Million)

Total Deposits

79,234.93 (BDT in Million)

Total Investment

25,261.23 (BDT in Million)

Total Borrowing

25,984.47 (BDT in Million)

Total Shareholders' Equity

43,266.98 (BDT in Million)

Total Regulatory Capital

28,722.63 (BDT in Million)

Common Equity Tier-1 capital

13,749.29 (BDT in Million)

Operating Income

5,410.40 (BDT in Million)

Profit Before Provision & Tax

2,728.61 (BDT in Million)

Profit Before Tax

2,028.61 (BDT in Million)

Profit After Tax


Return on Asset (ROA)


Return on Equity (ROE)


Earning Per Share (EPS) (BDT)


Price Earning (P/E) Multiples (Times)


Net Asset Value Per Share (NAVPS) (BDT)


Capital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio (CRAR)


Non-Performing Loan (NPL) Ratio


Leverage Ratio


Cost to Income Ratio


Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR)


Net Stable Funding Ratio (NSFR)

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