Mercantile Bank Islamic Banking

Alhamdulillah, Mercantile Bank has started its 'Islamic Banking Operations’ ‘Taqwa’ with the aim to serve the customers who prefer Islamic Shari’ah Based Banking and committed to Islamic lifestyles by taking the formal permission from Bangladesh Bank for Islamic banking window operations. Keeping the ever increasing interest of the largest community in mind, the Honorable Board of Directors (BOD) of MBL has decided to go for Islamic Banking operations. In Mercantile Bank, Islamic Banking is window operation at the branches parallel with the Conventional Banking. The brand name of Mercantile Bank Islamic Banking is ‘Taqwa’ with a slogan of  “ধর্মীয় আস্থায় ব্যাংকিং”. To purify its’ Islamic Banking Operations, an independent Shari’ah Supervisory Committee (SSC) has been constructed with prominent Islamic Scholars. A separate Islamic Banking Division at Head Office with a team of experienced Islamic Bankers is also working to look after the Islamic Banking activities of the bank. World class dedicated Core Banking Software (Temenos T24) has been adopted for secured & faster operations & services to the Islamic Banking customers of the bank.

Mercantile Bank PLC. has started its Islamic Banking operations formally on 29th June, 2020 with 10 (ten) nos of Islamic Banking Windows (IBWs). Gradually, MBL has expanded its Islamic Banking network over the country by opening more 35 Islamic Banking Windows (IBWs) during the year 2020 & 2021. Presently, MBL Islamic Banking is providing customer services by 45 (Forty Five) Islamic Banking Windows under its wide network conventional branches spreading all over the country by using its’ true on-line banking platform. MBL digital banking wallet “Rainbow” services as well as Taqwa Debit Card and Taqwa Card (alternative to traditional Credit Card) is going to be available for the better & time befitting services of MBL Islamic Banking customers.

MBL-Taqwa always gives emphasis to provide higher returns to its’ valued Mudaraba depositors from its’ Shari’ah compliant Investment Income. Mudaraba depositor’s profit distribution is calculated on the basis of weightage as set by the Bank where at least 65% of the investment income is distributed to the Mudaraba Depositors. MBL-Taqwa also supports its’ Investment customers by extending various types of Shari’ah compliant modes of Investment products for the purposes of Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Working Capital Finance, Work Order Finance, CMSME Finance, Trading Finance, Retail Finance, Post Import Finance (PIF), Export Finance (Local/Foreign Bill Purchase/Discount), Export Services, Off-Shore Banking Services, Import Services (Sight LC, BTB LC, Deferred LC, EDF LC, UPAS LC & Issuance of Acceptances etc.) and Bank Guarantee (BG)/Performance Guarantee (PG) services etc.

Deposit Products and Schemes-

Investment Products-

Mercantile Bank PLC. Islamic Banking Window Branches

Presently MBPLC Islamic Banking Services are available in 45 selected Branches and gradually, it will be extended to all over the country through MBPLC Branch network.

Main Branch

Mia Amanullah Bhaban, 63, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka-1000.
HOB: 02-9571618 (D), 9559333 Ext-107
Head of IBW: 01708-515519

Dhanmondi Branch

Sima Blossom (1st Floor), House no. 390 (Old), 3 (New), Road no. 27 (Old), 16 (New), Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1209.
HOB: 02-9130500, 9142691 Ext-101
HOB: 01711-546396
Head of IBW: 01730-076102

Uttara Branch

House-10 (A), Road-7/D, Sector-9, Uttara Model Town, Uttara, Dhaka -1230.
HOB: 02-8931729, 48958177, Ext-101 HOB: 01787-681253
Head of IBW: 01711-830972

Agrabad Branch

Mishkat Arcade, 21/1, Agrabad C/A Chattogram.
HOB: 031-716459 (D), 716421, 721772 Ext-102 HOB: 01713-491779
Head of IBW: 01817-208622

Barishal Branch

141, Sadar Road, Barishal-8200.
HOB: 0431-2176208, 2176209 Ext-101 HOB: 01713-386897
Head of IBW: 01712-588299

Feni Branch

105, S.S. Kaiser Road, PO: Feni Head Post Office, PS: Feni Model Thana, Dist-Feni.
HOB: 0331-63558, 63559 Ext-101
Head of IBW: 01819-485857

Chowmuhani Branch

Morshed Alam Complex (2nd Floor), Rail gate, Holding # 0001-01, Ward # 05, Chowmuhani, Begumganj, Noakhali.
HOB: 0321-52960 Ext-101
HOB: 01713-036991
Head of IBW: 01776-906793

Bangla Bazar Branch

Banglabazar, Begumganj, Noakhali.
HOB: 0321-56631, 53305 Ext-101
HOB: 01730-709987
Head of IBW: 01709-639923

Faridganj Branch

Saima Abdullah Plaza, Chandra Road, Faridganj Bazar, Chandpur.
HOB: 08422-64377, 64378 Ext. 101
HOB: 01812-314077
Head of IBW: 01672-780547

Damudya Branch

Synthia Plaza, 318 Main Road, Damudya Bazar P.O. & P.S.- Damudya, Dist-Shariatpur.
HOB: 06023-56204 Ext. 101
HOB: 01755-533146
Head of IBW: 01711-009038

Gulshan Branch


Hosna Centre (1st floor), Suit No. 103-109, 106 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212.


HOB: 02-55068969, 55068965-66, Ext. 101

Mobile: 01713-063586,

MOP: 02-55068968, 55068965-66, Ext. 102

Mobile: 01730-024084

Head of IBW : 01716466599

Tejgaon Gulshan Link Road Branch


Impetus Center, Holding # 242/B, Bir Uttam Mir Showkat Ali Road

Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208



02-8878936, 8878937-8, Ext. 101

Mobile: 01701-209784, 01715-028027

MOP: 02-8878937-8, Ext-102

Mobile: 01701-209784, 01711-119834

Head of IBW: 01711119834

Elephant Road Branch


75, Osman Plaza, Elephant Road, Dhaka-1205.


HOB: 02-9614542, 9614541, 9677364, Ext. 101

Mobile: 01713-048906

MOP: 02-9614541, 9677364, Ext. 102

Mobile: 01730-355911,

Head of IBW: 01711485109

Narayanganj Branch


H. R. Plaza (1st Floor), 64 (Old), 90 (New), Bangabandhu Road, Narayanganj.


HOB: 02-7648241, 7648243 Ext. 101

Mobile: 01713-199875, 01713-066608

MOP: 02-7648242-3, Ext. 102, Mobile: 01787-661638

Head of IBW:01787661638

Cumilla Branch


1042/945 Jhawtala, Cumilla.


HOB: 081-65276, 65275, Ext. 101.

Mobile: 01713-384498, 01777-787881,

MOP: 081-65275, Ext. 102, Mobile: 01915-873193

Head of IBW: 01915873193

Jubilee Road Branch


61, Kamal Chamber, Jubilee Road, Kotwali, Chattogram.


HOB: 031-624819, 621018, Ext. 101

Mobile: 01711-724874, 01713-384485

MOP: 031-624819, 621018, Ext. 102,

Mobile: 01748-664661, 01824-834283

Head of IBW: 01813034019

Chhagalniya Branch


Sofura Arcade,1340, 1341, College Road,

Chhagalniya Pouroshobha, Feni-3910


HOB: 09612142341, Ext-101, Mobile:01713-013792, 01725599669, MOP:09612142341, Ext-102, Mobile:01818291928

Head of IBW: 01818291928

Khulna Branch


Rupsha Plaza, 73, KDA Avenue, Khulna


HOB: 08-44110708, 44110700, 44110698, Ext. 101

Mobile: 01713-400641, 01713-453018

MOP: 08-44110700, 44110698, Ext. 106, Mobile: 01979-580235

Head of IBW: 01719580235

Hajiganj Branch


QC Tower (Canada Tower), Holding-0053-00, Haziganj Municipality, Hajiganj, Chandpur.


HOB: 0961-2142348, Ext. 101, Mobile: 01713-048876, 07171-585594

MOP: 0961-2142348, Ext. 102, Mobile: 01710-955656

Head of IBW: 01717585594

Sylhet Branch


Riasot Tower (1st & 2nd floor), Laldighirpar, Sylhet.


HOB: 0821-723650-1, Ext. 101

Mobile: 01711-922810, 01713-386896

MOP: 0821-723650, Ext. 102, 01716-533686

Head of IBW: 01716533686

Suaganj Bazar Branch


Noor Mansion, Puranal Road, Suaganj Bazar

Cumilla Sadar South, Cumilla.


HOB: 01701-209798, Ext. 101

Mobile: 01709-652411, 01716-107471

MOP: 01701-209798, Ext. 102

Mobile: 01723-804145

Head of IBW: 01723804145

Rajnagar SME/Krishi Branch


Dhalia, Rajnagar, Balua Chowmuhani, Feni


HOB: 0331-73782-3, Ext. 101

Mobile: 01730-340793, 01764-110400

MOP: 0331-73783, Ext. 102

Mobile: 01701-209795, 01812-311499, Fax: 0331-73784

Head of IBW: 01837410570

Dagonbhuiyan Branch


273 Mizan Tower, Bashurhat Road, Dagonbhuiyan, Feni.


HOB: 03323-79105, Ext. 101, Mobile: 01730-328684

MOP: 03323-79105, Ext. 102, Mobile: 01711486615

Head of IBW: 01717095826

Maijdee Court Branch


Honey Dew Point, 10, Abdul Malek Ukil Sarak, Main Road

Maijdee Court, Sadar, Noakhali.


HOB: 0321-71710, 71711 Ext. 101

Mobile: 01730-709983, 01730-445499

MOP: 0321-71711, Ext. 102

Mobile: 01730-709983, 01819-061937

Head of IBW: 01819061937

Amishapara SME/Krishi Branch


Mosarraf Complex, Moddo Bazar Amishapara, Shonaimuri, Noakhali.


HOB: 01730-320812, Mobile: 01819-234889,01730320812,01730340792

MOP: 01755559771

Head of IBW: 01755559771

Joypara Branch

Samabay Super Market, Joypara Bazar, Dohar, Dhaka.

Noagaon Branch

J. R. Super Market, Old Bus Stand, Chakdev, Main Road, Naogaon-6500, Naogaon Sadar, Naogaon.

Khatungonj Branch

599 Ramjoy Mohajan Lane, Khatungonj, Chattogram.

Darus Salam Road Branch

Holding-2/A, Darus Salam Road, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216.

Chattogram EPZ Branch

S.A. Tower, Airport Road, South Halishahar, Bandar, Chattogram.

Patuakhali Branch

Ashrab Noor Mansion, 151-152, Sadar Road, Natun Bazar, Patuakhali.

Aganagar Branch

Choto Masjid Road (Ispahani), Aganagar, South Keraniganj, Dhaka-1310.

Chapai Nawabganj

65-67, Jhilim Road, Boro Indara Moor, Chapai Nawabganj Sadar, Chapai Nawabgonj.

Ashuganj Branch

Aziz Plaza(1st & 2nd floor), West Bazar, Char Chartola, Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria.

Bhola Branch

Karnaphuli Complex, H#3373, Sadar Road, Bhola Pourasava, Bhola.

Nawabpur Road Branch

NBC Tower, 24-25 Nawabpur Raod, Dhaka-1100.

Pabna Branch

Munshi Complex, Holding No-0136-000, Hazi Abdul Gani Road, Boro Bazar, Pouroshova : Pabna, PS. : Pabna Sadar, Dist. : Pabna.

Velanagar Branch

Khadiza Mansion, Jailkhanamoor, Velanagar, Narshingdi.

Abdullahpur Bazar Branch

Tajimuddin Plaza, Kalakandi, Abdullahpur Bus stand, South Keranigonj, Dhaka.

Chandpur Branch

285, Techno Hannan Complex (1st Floor), Hazi Mohsin Road, Chandpur.

Kalaiya Branch

Shimon Plaza, Kalaiya Union, PS-Bauphal, Patuakhali.

Samir Munshir Hat Branch

Patowary Market, Samir Munshir Hat, 6 No. Kabilpur Union, Senbag, Noakhali.

Baraiyarhat Branch

Feroza Saleha Center, Holding-05, Asian Highway (Shantirhat Road), Baraiyarhat Pursoshava, Jorargonj, Mirsarai, Chattogram.

Senbagh Branch

DK Plaza, Holding-0347-00, Upazila Road, Ward-03, Senbagh Pourosova, PS-Senbagh, Dist.-Noakhali.

Satkhira Branch

Haji Market, Holding-0345-00, Shahid Kajol Sharani, Ward No.-8,Satkhira Pouroshobha, PS-Satkhira Sadar, Dist- Satkhira.

Shariah Supervisory Committee

Shariah Supervisory Committee of Mercantile Bank consists of the following members-

SL. Name Designation
01. Morshed Alam, MP Chairman, Board of Directors, Mercantile Bank Limited
02. Al-Haj Akram Hossain (Humayun) Member, Board of Directors, Mercantile Bank Ltd.
03. Alhaj Mosharref Hossain Member, Board of Directors, Mercantile Bank Limited
04. M.A. Khan Belal Member, Board of Directors, Mercantile Bank Limited
05. Md. Quamrul Islam Chowdhury Member
06. Shah Mohammad Wali Ullah Member

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