Vision, Mission, Corporate Philosophy


Would make finest corporate citizen


Will become most caring, focused for equitable growth based on diversified deployment of resources and nevertheless would remain healthy and gainfully profitable bank


Strategic objectives

  • to increase shareholders' value
  • to achieve economic value addition
  • to be market leader in product innovation
  • to be one of the top three financial institutions in Bangladesh in terms of efficiency
  • to be one of the top five financial institutions in Bangladesh in terms of market share in all significant market segments we serve

Core values

1. Customer delight

  • Customer satisfaction pervades all our activities. We appreciate that Customer’s satisfaction is critical for our success.

2. Innovation

  • Spurring innovation for reinforcement of our business. 
  • Origination and materialization of change management for attainment of perfection and we believe change is always constant.

3. Ethical Values

  • We continue to be responsible, ethical, sincere and transparent in our thoughts and actions.

4. Caring for Human Resources

  • Realization of latent potentialities of employees, respecting individual worth and dignity to ensure smooth career progression as well as welfare orientation in Human Resources management policy and practices.

5. Commitment

  • We always keep high on the agenda our commitment towards valued depositors as their trustworthy custodian and to maintain the same spirit for all other stakeholders.

6. Socially Responsible

  • Constant endeavor to act and respond in a socially responsible manner keeping in mind society and our country. 
  • To care for our environment.

7. Shareholders Value

  • Creation and Maximization of values for our shareholders.


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