Current Deposit Account

Current Deposit Account is the net flow of current transactions with no restriction. It is an easy-to-use, convenient current account.

Savings Bank Account

This account has been designed and developed for savers who want to save their income.

Special Noticed Deposit Account

Any individual or corporate body can open Special Notice Deposit Account, which is an interest bearing deposit account, for a short period of time.

Fixed Deposit Account

Unlike CD, SND and SB account, Branch shall accept deposit of fixed amount of money from the customers for a fixed period of time with interest under the term plan time to time.

Masik Munafa Amanat Prokolpo (MMAP)

  • Help the retired persons for investing their retirement benefits.
  • Create investment opportunities for Non-Resident Bangladeshi.

Masik Sanchaya Prokolpo (MSP)

  • Build up habit of savings.
  • Attract small savers.
  • Saving for rainy days.

Aporajita Masik Munafa Prokolpo (AMMP)

Emphasizing specially on independent, hard working women, MBL launched a new fixed term Deposit Product in name “অপরাজিতা মাসিক মুনাফা প্রকল্প”. This product is exclusively designed to provide female customers with the best profit on their hard earned/saved money with hassle free banking

MBL Prabasi Sanchaya Hishab

Savings Bank (SB) Account for NRBs is a Savings Bank (SB) Account in local currency for the Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) who are residing abroad or proceeding abroad for employment.

MBL Prabasi Masik Sanchaya Prokolpo

Masik Sanchaya Prokolpo (MSP) for NRBs is a monthly installment base savings deposit product with flexible long term tenure for individuals who is already living outside of Bangladesh or proceeding abroad for employment.

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