Other Services

Online Banking

Online Banking has been facilitated in all Branches of the Bank since January 01, 2006. Now, customers can enjoy a number online Banking services in CD, SB, SND, Loan accounts and Monthly Savings Scheme (MSS) accounts.


We have introduced i-Banking Service on 02 February, 2017. Our i-Banking is tailored to your need-based banking services- be your own banker at any time.

Mobile Banking

Like in many other countries, people in Bangladesh started believing in mobile banking. With the approval of Bangladesh Bank, MBL is going very speedy to introduce mobile banking throughout the country.

SMS Alert Service

We have introduced the SMS Alert Service in early 2015 that generates SMS for customers for transactions in their accounts in Temenos T24.

MY Cash

The mobile banking service of Mercantile Bank Ltd is branded as “MYCash” and it aims to connect with the country’s unbanked population.

Locker Services

The Locker Service of Mercantile Bank is a very user friendly service with safety, security & confidentiality of the valuables kept in the Lockers.

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