MBL Rainbow Account Removal

You can remove your account from MBL Rainbow by following the below methods:

  • A. Visit your nearest MBL Branch: Please visit your nearest MBL branch and fill out the account removal request form.
  • B. Call our 24/7 Contact Center: You can also call our 24/7 contact center at 16225 and place your account removal request.
  • C. Email us directly: You can contact us directly at our email digital.banking@mblbd.com and place your request.

The data that will be removed are:

  • A. Personal particulars: Name, contact details, residential address, date of birth, national id details, and/or professional details.
  • B. Images and biometrics: Thumbprints, biometrics, images of you used for verification or other purposes.
  • C. Other electronic data: Information relating to you such as IP addresses, cookies, activity logs, online identifiers and location data through your usage of our products and services or as part of their delivery to you.
  • D. Banking Information: Account numbers and banking transactions.

Note: Account removal requests will require 5-7 working days to execute. 

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