Government Securities Investment Window

"Government Securities Investment Window" has been formed by Mercantile Bank Limited on 21st September, 2020 as per Bangladesh Bank Circular no. 4/2020 dated July 21, 2020 by Debt Management Department, under full control and supervision of Treasury Division with a target to facilitate transactions of Government Securities, i.e. Treasury Bill, Treasury Bond.

The following services are available at the Government Securities Investment Window of Mercantile Bank Limited -

  • Information about investment in T.Bond / T.bill along with Coupon/Yield of T.Bond / T.Bill to the prospective investors.
  • Co-operation & guidance regarding opening Business Participant (BP) ID of T.Bond / T.Bill to the Individual/ Institutional investors.
  • Opening of a bank account for overall settlement like - securities buy-sale, coupon payment & face value maturity.
  • Accomplishment of Securities Buy/Sale transaction on the basis of Client requisition.
  • Timely settlement of Coupon payment, maturity amount payment & all kind of transaction related to the Buy/Sale against Client Bank Account.
  • Accomplishment of reconciliation of securities of all existing Client’s securities.
  • Different activities of trading securities should be done with the probable other platforms (like-DSE Trading platform) along with the coordination of Bangladesh Bank Trading Platform.

The following officers will carry out the responsibilities of Government Securities Investment Window. For any query regarding Government Securities, please feel free to contact the following officers -

SL Name Contact No. Email
01. Mohammad Tarek Parvez Khan 01755590887
02. Shapla Rani Das 01730718488
03. Rezaul Karim 01776057172
04. Mohammed Milad Bhuiya 01677428408

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