Mercantile Bank PLC commenced the operations of Offshore Banking business in the year 2010. Since the inception of offshore banking operations, Mercantile Bank has been serving the offshore banking facilities to the customers’ complying the rules and regulations of Bangladesh through its two (02) Offshore Banking Units under Offshore Banking Division, Head Office, Dhaka.

Mercantile Bank Offshore Banking Units

  • Principal Offshore Banking Unit, Dilkusha, Dhaka
  • Agrabad Offshore Banking Unit, Agrabad, Chattogram

Offered Services/Facilities

Mercantile Bank Offshore Banking offers:

  • Accepting deposits in nominated foreign currencies [
  • Disbursement of Foreign Currency denominated loans and advances to Non Resident Customers, Enterprises specially located in EPZ/PEPZ/EZ/Hi-Tech Parks etc.
  • Discounting facility of Import Bill /Export Bill (Usance) accepted by authorized dealers in Bangladesh as per guidelines of Bangladesh Bank
  • Other services as per guidelines of regulatory authorities from time to time

Major Products

Deposit Products:

  • OBU Savings Deposit
    Rate of Interest on OBU Savings Deposit: 2.00% for any amount
  • OBU Current Deposit
    Rate of Interest on OBU Current Deposit: Nil
  • OBU Fixed Term Deposit
    • Tenor: 3 month/6month /12 month/ 2 year/3 year/5 year
    • Rate of Interest on OBU Fixed Term Deposit:

Period of deposit

Ceiling rate

Up to 1 Year not less than 3 months

Benchmark reference rate + 1.50%

Above 1 year and up to 3 years

Benchmark reference rate + 2.25%  

Above 3 years and up to 5 years

Benchmark reference rate + 3.25% 

Loans and Advance Products

  • OBU Term Loan
  • OBU Time Loan
  • OBU Overdraft
  • OBU Import Bill Discounting
  • OBU Export Bill Discounting


Other services:

  • Facilitating all eligible banking services to the offshore customers along with of EPZ/PEPZ/EZ/Hi-Tech Parks etc.
  • Remittance Services (inward/outward) for the offshore customers.


Offshore Banking Division

Mercantile Bank PLC.
Monir Mansion, 18 Dilkusha C/A
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh              

Telephone: +88-02-223355350
Email: hod_obd@mblbd.com

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