Super Munafa Amanat Prokolpo (SMAP)

This scheme has been formulated with a view to gain an upper hand in the market in terms of Deposit collection. Features of this scheme are enumerated below:

Features and Terms of the scheme:

  • Minimum Deposit amount would be BDT 150,000/-- (One Lac Fifty Thousand) or multiples thereof.
  • The tenor of the scheme would be one (1) year and renewable at mutually agreed rate.
  • Customer will not be entitled to any interest in case of pre-mature encashment i.e. all benefits given will be deducted from principal.
  • Benefits can be drawn monthly / quarterly / half yearly or at maturity.
  • Benefits will be transferred to the SB/CD or any other account where the benefit(s) will be transferred.
  • Schemeholder is entitled to benefit from the next month of account opening.
  • A separate prefix number (provider by our IT division) should be used for this scheme.
  • A sheet containing form and duly signed by the customer.
  • Standard procedure of account opening must be followed.
  • Schemeholder will be given a Deposit Receipt after account opening and is non-transferrable

Super Munafa Amanat Prokolpo (SMAP) Rates 


Super Munafa Amanat Prokolpo (SMAP) Rates


Interest Rate

Effective Annual Interest Rate

One year

6.01% p.a.

6.18% p.a. .

(Tk. 1000  per month per Tk. 222,000/-)

*Net-off tax having valid TIN  

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