Papers /documents for issuance of Local Credit Card

Items with asterisk (*) are mandatory. Depending on customer profile and business relation bank may ask for other documents if necessary on case-to-case basis.


Name of Documents Service Holder Proprietorship Proprietorship Limited Company
2 copies of passport size photograph Yes Yes Yes Yes
NID Copy Yes Yes Yes Yes
e-TIN certificate* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trade License*   Yes    
Salary Certificate* Yes      
Letter of Comfort (From employer) Yes      
Bank Statement 6 months 1 year personal & Co. A/C 1 year personal & Co. A/C 1 year personal & Co. A/C
Proof of residence: Gas/Electricity/Mobile phone bill/Land Phone Bill Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blue Book copy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Other Bank credit card Bill (If applicable) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Memorandum and Articles of Association       Yes
Deed of Partnership     Yes  
Letter of Incorporation       Yes
Corporate Guarantee       Yes
Letter of Commencement       For Public Limited Co.
Copy of Passport/Driving/License/Visiting Card Yes Yes Yes Yes
Club Membership   Yes Yes Yes

Papers /documents for issuance of International Credit Card

  • 2 copies of passport size photograph
  • e-TIN certificate
  • Photocopy of passport from 1 to 7 pages including endorsement pages if required.
  • Lien confirmation of RFCD A/C is required from the concerned Branch/Bank for issuance of card against RFCD.
  • For issuance of card against the balance in ERQ A/C maintained with us or with other bank, lien confirmation should be obtained from the respective Bank/Branch.
  • For issuance of card against new exporters and importers/producers quota relevant papers such as recommendation letter from EPB/copy of tax return etc. are required.

Papers /documents for issuance of Debit/prepaid Card

  • 2 copies of passport size photograph.
  • Customer should maintain a deposit (SB/CD/STD) A/C with any branch of MBL.
  • Other than MBL account holders may avail Pre-paid card against deposit of money which may be equally used at home and abroad

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