Welcome to MBL Training Institute

Mercantile Bank Training Institute (MBTI) is the flagship learning centre of Mercantile Bank Limited where human resources of the bank are trained and couched in achieving professional excellence throughout the year.

In 2002, MBTI – the career learning and development institution in the private banking sector, was created to deliver value across the business by building a workforce with leading capability to drive sustainable, enhanced performance and strengthen our reputation. MBTI provides employees with experiences and tools to develop the skills they require to be successful in their current role and to prepare our people for career opportunities of tomorrow. The learning modules are primarily focused on innovation, high customer engagement and fast problem resolution as well as on products and processes and are knowledge driven.

MBTI training programs are designed specially to meet employees' specific need and to build up professional expertise at workplace. Training activities consist of comprehensive foundation courses for entry level Management Trainees, officers and specialized training programs covers relevant areas of banking & finance such as general banking, credit, foreign exchange, marketing and accounts etc. are also organized by the MBTI.

The Training Institute has fixed a target with three dimensions-

  • To bring all the employees with uniformity of work.
  • To build succession of competent employees and enable them to occupy more responsible positions as situation emerge.
  • Ensure 'Tailor-made' training for the bankers.

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